Speaking "Within Flows our strength lies in programming and making great products. Through the cooperation with Jelba we have been able to determine the brand and positioning and we now also have a B2B marketing department that understands how it works."
Gert Wijnalda Director

Technology is everywhere and many companies use various software applications to properly monitor their business operations at any time. Linking these systems is of essential importance. According to flows it all starts with linking systems to each other. Flows is a software integration party with which companies can now easily and affordably link sources and systems together. It starts with Flows. Find the Flows platform here.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

System integration of various software packages is often unnecessarily complicated. With Flows we have opted for a powerful positioning in which simplicity and necessity prevail. In the roll-out of the digital strategy we not only focus on the IT managers but also on the directors of SME companies. Through the website it is possible to easily link the right applications and this way get a picture of the total investment. A big plus in today’s IT landscape of software providers. The online quotation tooling is very user-friendly.

Step 2: Technology

During the roll-out of the digital strategy and the implementation of the technology the focus has been on user cases per specific application in order to realise targeted applications. In a very competitive market organic findability is essential and we support this with targeted Adwords campaigns to fill the funnel. In addition, we work intensively with track and trace models to monitor the value of an application and to counterbalance this with targeted out of pocket budgets. The approach: every euro in the campaign generates more than one euro. The ultimate form of turnover marketing, digital sales.

Step 3: Operation

As with all our customers we roll out daily actions to realize more requests or transactions. In a highly competitive market we have to respond extremely quickly. Optimisation, e-mail campaigns, active use of social, tag management, content publishing etcetera. We monitor every request we receive to see how we can achieve even more of this. As for the daily implementation we run all digital channels to make Flows successful.

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