Speaking "It is great to be able to add a complete B2B marketing department to our company, this brings speed, professionalism and positive interaction."
Camiel van Asch Director

Committed employees are becoming increasingly important in professional organisations. The shortage on the current labour market forces employers to attach more value to the existing employees. A departing or dissatisfied employee can no longer be replaced quickly and easily. MediaMyne responds to this by helping customers improve their involvement with their employees. Clear and fast communication about the right KPIs is central by means of screens, apps and an advanced CMS system developed by MediaMyne. This makes it possible to communicate easily and clearly with employees. In markets like industry and logistics this is a big advantage. It is difficult to communicate with employees in a targeted way in an. An environment of production often a lacks access to digital means of communication. However, factors such as noise pollution and the long distances within a production area also play a role. Production employees usually do not have direct access to a mobile phone or laptop within their own working environment. This has a major impact on the possibilities of effective communication to this group of employees within the company. This is where the power of MediaMyne lies.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

MediaMyne opts for a digital strategy in which content is the starting point. Inbound marketing is an important part here. We strive to serve the right information online at the right time. With the aim that viewers make themselves known via a download or more information buttons. In rolling out this strategy, we have a ”doing” dynamic from day one. In line with our digital strategy we directly apply the data we collect about the target group in the campaigns. The result: leads.

Step 2: Technology

The website MediaMyne is equipped with a whole package of internet tooling. Think of track and trace models, marketing automation, competition analysis software etcetera. In short: everything that is needed to become visible to potential customers of MediaMyne in a smart and targeted way. The market in which MediaMyne operates is a very competitive market in terms of organic findability. Doing the right things at the right time is essential. To fill the lead funnel even more we support this with targeted Adwords campaigns and specific target group campaigns.

Step 3: Operation

Every day, our experts from MediaMyne’s online marketing department are working to maximize all digital channels with the goal of getting more leads. We do the maximum in execution to bring the target group to the website in a targeted way and to achieve conversions. The collaboration with our MediaMyne Sales colleagues is an important key to success. The speed of lead follow-up but also the translation of customer questions into catchy content that results in more requests is promoted by this interaction between Sales and Online Marketing. In the overview on the right you can see a list of these activities. We go for the result – and so do our clients.

Results to be proud of

Targeted and segmented B2B online marketing per target group
Increase of organic findability
More downloads and leads
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