Speaking "Jelba talks about complex technology and marketing in plain human language. That makes working together pleasant and easy. We understand each other and pursue the same goals."
Albert van Ingen Director

BinnenKlimaatExpert is a family business and specialist in supplying clean air solutions at the right temperature, place and size. Guaranteed A-quality air conditioning and air handling systems at a normal price. Their B2B business unit has a strong specialisation in climate solutions for hotels, restaurants, retail, but also for care institutions, offices and ICT rooms. BinnenKlimaatExpert is unique in this respect, especially in combination with the method and integral installation and maintenance proposition; customers are 100% relieved of worries and certain of a good indoor climate.

BinnenKlimaatExpert takes care of its customers as they take care of their family; Unconditional good.

No customer-question is too crazy for them. BinnenKlimaatExpert is also traditionally considerate towards the outdoor climate; with innovative solutions that spare the environment. They pay explicit attention to this, both in their own level of knowledge and that of the customers of BinnenKlimaatExpert. That makes BinnenKlimaatExpert a great company to work with. BinnenKlimaatExpert has an enormous growth ambition in the digital field, that is why they have called in Jelba to realize this together with them.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

The strategy focuses on the B2B branch of BinnenKlimaatExpert which we give an own identity. Indoor climate systems are always custom made. Not as much as a product but in the application of the right technical climate solutions, in the right space with the right capacity. The requirements and wishes within a hospital are different from the cooling of a server room. For this reason, giving advice together with a suitable suggestion for technology is the approach of the lead generation model of Binnen Klimaat Expert, the new brand for the B2B activities of BinnenKlimaatExpert. The end customer comes in with a question and is an answer or solution richer when he comes out of the funnel.

Step 2: Technology

The goal is to quickly add new (article) information and quickly optimise texts. For this reason, the back-bone of the website is a versatile content database system, also called Product Information Management system (PIM). This in combination with a custom lead generation platform in Open Source software makes it easy to combine with other systems. Changes and optimisation are easy and quick to realise in this structure. Something that is often not done in practice at most companies. The lead generation tool is completely custom built and designed and calculates the right proposition for the customer in real time. Quick answer. That is what customers want.

Step 3: Operation

Every day the website and content is optimised based on analysis results, SEA and SEO activities ensure relevant and growing traffic and requests. Content enrichment by placing new articles that are relevant to the demand side is an interaction between us and our indoor climate expert colleagues. We regularly speak to the men in the field about new topics and questions to be able to convert to relevant landing pages for potential customers. In the daily execution we run all digital channels to make BinnenKlimaatExpert a success.

Results to be proud of

95% growth in number of organic visitors
More than 400 leads via the website
Significant growth in B2B sales
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