What is B2B?

Jelba is a 100% B2B Specialist. Clients can contact Jelba for all matters related to B2B (Business-to-Business) and online. We create a digital growth strategy, build B2B webshops, B2B websites and create leads and sales through B2B Online Marketing. Our experts regularly get the question: “what is B2B”?

What is B2B? 

B2B of course stands for business-to-business and in the business world this generally means that companies sell products or services to other companies. In addition, business-to-business marketing also has a different working method compared to business-to-consumer marketing. If you want to know more about this, please read our update about the difference between B2B and B2C.

What characterizes B2B in Online Business?

Take a look at our client cases, our services and updates. Then you really get a good picture. In any case, the following points are recognisable in B2B and also fit very well if someone asks you the question: “what is B2B”.

  • The products of the business-to-business companies can be divided into 2 categories: capital goods and professional catalogue products.
    • Marketing of capital goods through online channels often has lead generation as it’s goal
    • Professional catalog product marketing through online channels aims for transactions (= B2B e-commerce)
  • The buying and online search behaviour is specific to a part of the buyer’s business operations.
  • In B2B various rates are used based on volume, history or order frequency for example.

For more specific information about everything related to B2B and online, please contact our experts, read our B2B updates or follow the updates via LinkedIn.